Thomas Lesaffre

PARI Associate

Thomas Lesaffre has been working in political research for the last five years. His academic training is in Sociology, Political science and Public Law with two Master degrees from Universiter Gaston Beger, in Senegal, and Institut d’Etude Politique de Bordeaux, in France. He has worked on social movements in Senegal, focusing on the place of young people in the electoral process.

On this topic, he published two chapters, in the volume edited by Ogo Seck Le Livre Blanc sur l’election presidentielle and in Darbon and Toulabor’s L’invention des classes moyennes africaines. He had previously conducted research in South Africa on professional power, focusing on demographic change in the business law profession.


  • Phadi, Mosa. Pearson, Joel. & Lessafre, Thomas. ‘Rethinking Patronage’, PARI working paper, Forthcoming