Post-graduate dissertation programme

The PARI post-graduate dissertation programme (PDP) provides the basis for new research to complement PARI’s strategic development projects, as well as the opportunity to guide young graduates who have an interest in related topics.

Developing a clear research question, choosing a research methodology, and writing a proposal are some of the most challenging parts of postgraduate study. The PDP is designed to accompany and support fellows through all phases of the dissertation and thesis process.

“PARI provided a home where I could meet other post-graduate students that I could relate to and share the experience of post-graduate studies. The PDP has provided me with the theoretical lens through which I have framed my study, and informs a critical part of my research” Patricia Ndhlovu, PARI Doctoral Fellow

“Within the framework of the PARI project my ideas about how to conduct research and how to analyse recent South African history shifted a lot. While my peers were researching the failures of the post-1994 South African state, I was finding a very mixed picture of the contemporary period” Lara Phillips, former PARI Fellow – currently undertaking a PhD at New York University.

“All the challenges I had been faced with when writing my article, such as specific ways of structuring the proposal and how to support my ideas through theory, were shared with the others in the PDP, and feedback I received about the proposal was reassuring, and I was aware that my main ideas has been well articulated and fully expressed in my writing” Siyaduma Biniza, Former PARI Masters Research Fellow.