Professor Ivor Chipkin

Executive Director

Professor Ivor Chipkin

Ivor Chipkin is PARI’s Executive Director and an Associate Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits). He completed his PhD at the Ecole Normale Superieure in France and was based at the Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research (WISER) between 2001 and 2004.

He received an Oppenheimer fellowship in 2005 and took up a position at St Anthony’s college at the University of Oxford. He spent 4 years in the Democracy and Governance Programme at the Human Sciences Research Council where he acquired an intimate knowledge of government departments and agencies. In 2007 he published “Do South Africans Exist? Nationalism, Democracy and the Identity of ‘the People’ ” with Wits University Press. Ivor has also published widely on questions of government, governance and the state in South Africa.

He is currently working on a new book on the history of public sector reform in South Africa and its consequences for development and democracy.



·      Chipkin, I and Swilling, M (eds), Betrayal of the Promise, Johannesburg, Stellenbosch and Cape Town: State Capacity Research Group, May 2017. Several major publishers have approached us and the text will soon be under consideration as a book.

Book Chapters: 

·       Chipkin, I. ‘ Corruption’s Other Scene: the politics of corruption in South Africa’, in Nimruji Prasad and Jonathan Murphy (eds.), Governance, Resistance and the Post-colonial State  (Routledge, 2016. 

·        Chipkin, Ivor., ‘Middle-Classing in Roodepoort: Unexpected Sites of Post-Apartheid ‘Community’., in Gerard Rosich and Peter Wagner (eds.), The Trouble with Democracy: Political Modernity in the 21st Century (Edinburg University Press, 2015)

 Journal Articles:

·      Chipkin, I. Corruzione, ideologia e neutralità: cosa può dirci la corruzione sulla forma dello Stato. Il caso del Sudafrica, Africhi e Orienti (forth coming in 2017)

·     Runciman, C, Pillay, S, Chipkin, I, Monama, E and Buthelezi, B. Confrontational, complementary, co-operative or co-opted?’, August 2016

·       Chipkin, I, Personalising and De-Personalising Power: The Appointment of Executive Officers in Key State Institutions, PARI Report  with support from Business Leadership South Africa, Ferbruary 2017.

·       Chipkin, I and Le Roux, M, Government and Constitution, Johannesburg: PARI, forthcoming in June 2017.

Working Papers: 

·       Chipkin, I. ‘The State, Capture and Revolution in Contemporary South Africa’, Johannesburg: PARI Working Paper, August 2016

·       Pillay, S., Pearson, J., Chipkin, I. ‘State-Building in South Africa after Apartheid: The History of the National Treasury’,  Johannesburg: PARI Working Paper, February 2016

Op eds:

·       Chipkin, I, ‘Progressive Politics: In search of a silver lining in the current crisis’ in Daily Maverick, 17 November 2016

·       Chipkin, I ‘The Bonds That Tie: Changing South Africa’s public culture’ in Daily Maverick, 13 November 2016

·       Chipkin, I, ‘#FeesMustFall: Separating Treasury’s truth from ‘ultra-left’ fiction’ in Daily Maverick, 16 October 2016

·       Chipkin, I, ‘In Jacob Zuma, South Africa has found its Gorbachev’ in The Daily Maverick, 31 July 2016

·       Chipkin, I. ‘Once Invincible ANC takes on regional , ethnic colours, The ruling party has to confront a decline in support in SA cities’, Sunday Times, May 15 2016