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Dr Mbongiseni Buthelezi was part of the steering committee that oversaw the production of this report, made possible by the Raith Foundation.

Social Justice Sector Review Report: Critical reflections on the social justice sector in the post-apartheid era


“A Review of the social justice sector has never been undertaken in the history of South Africa. This is not a coincidence – they say we only count what matters. It is our belief that the contribution of the sector is highly undervalued in our context. For this reason, this is an important historical record that sets out to trace the developments in the sector in the post-apartheid period. Despite the significant contributions made by the sector to the realisation of our constitutional values, the sector is rarely recognised for its contributions. The role of the sector was again very evident during the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown as we actively responded to the focused on violations of human rights and social justice needs of many South Africans – especially marginalised communities.”