Joel Pearson


Joel Pearson recently completed his Masters degree in History, at Wits. In 2012 he obtained a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Political and International Studies with distinction from Rhodes University. Joel believes that practical engagement with local histories serves to reveal a diversity of new perspectives of the world, sensitize one’s research methods to present realities, and humanize one’s own perspective.


  • Pearson, Joel., ‘Witchcraft Management in the Transvaal: Negotiating Colonial Law’, PARI working paper , Forthcoming
  • Pearson, Joel., ‘Changing ideas of Witchcraft in the Civilising Mission’, PARI working paper, Forthcoming
  • Pearson, Joel., ‘Documents as Political Tools in Local Government’, PARI working paper, Forthcoming
  • Phadi, Mosa. Pearson, Joel. & Lessafre, Thomas. ‘Rethinking Patronage’, PARI working paper, Forthcoming
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