The Public Affairs Research Institute


The Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI) does research into the constraints to effective governance, underlining the importance of institutions and institution-building.

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We generate high quality academic research to better understand the drivers of institutional performance, and present informed and realistic solutions based on our research, in the form of publications, media content, seminars, workshops, conferences and academic curricula.

Our work with change agents across the public service and civil society to improve the implementation of policies provides unique insights into the effectiveness of service delivery, infrastructure, state performance and state society relations. We study the state and the relation between the state and society in order to advocate for improved institutional design and performance for better policy implementation to benefit impoverished and marginalised people i.e., those who need the state the most.

Our work is currently focused in the following programmes:

  • Land Governance
  • State Reform
  • Education Governance (currently suspended)
  • Local Government
  • Energy and Society
  • Organisational and Institutional Studies

PARI is a Johannesburg-based organisation founded in May, 2010.