The Public Affairs Research Institute


The Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI) is a Johannesburg-based organisation that studies the effectiveness of state institutions in service delivery and infrastructure. PARI generates high-quality academic research into public‑sector drivers of institutional performance. We work with change agents in the public service and civil society to improve the implementation of policies in relevant fields.

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PARI started in May 2010 and has since presented informed and realistic solutions based on sound research, in the form of publications, media content, seminars, workshops, conferences and academic curricula. Our research into the constraints to effective governance underlines the importance of institutions and institution-building.
Our work inside departments and agencies across government, and collaborations with other organisations in the country and the global South provide unique insights into state performance and state-society relations.

Our work is currently focused in the following areas:

  • Land governance
  • State reform
  • School Governance
  • Local government
  • Energy and Society
  • Organisational and Institutional Studies