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Dr Federica Duca

Senior Researcher and OIS Academic Coordinator

Federica Duca

Federica is a PhD graduate from the University of Trento, Italy. She is the Lead for PARI’s Organisational and Institutional Studies (OIS) degree programme at Wits University. Her recent work considers state-society relations through taxation in Cameroon and other African countries. Prior to that, she  conducted research in Roodepoort, on the social consequences of daily life in gated communities. She is trained in Sociology and did her Bachelor of Arts research on gangsterism and her Masters research on residential segregation in an Italian coastal town. She has previously conducted research in South Africa on gangsterism and fear of crime in Soshanguve, near Pretoria. Her research interests include urban studies, representation of space and social construction of urban forms and means of its transformation.



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