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Vishanthi Arumugam

Head of Communications

Vishanthi Arumugam

Vishanthi started in the performing arts with a Diploma in Dance Performance from the Johannesburg Dance Foundation. She began her career in contemporary dance and physical theatre in 2004, performing in South Africa and abroad over the following ten years.

In 2011, she moved into Media and Communications as a media writer for Linkd Environmental Services, later becoming an associate writer/editor at Clarity Editorial. Among a range of projects, Vishanthi has worked on government policy documents, corporate and media articles, and sub-edited for the academic journal Development and Change. Vishanthi joined PARI in 2017 and has brought an innovative, upbeat approach to the organisation’s communications.

She has strong interests in social justice, decolonisation and somatic freedom. She also studied yoga and healing arts in Kerala, India.