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The Year In Review

In 2018, PARI took significant strides to start becoming a globally recognised organisation, and to develop a presence with organisations in other parts of the world.

Early in the year, PARI partnered with the New School in New York to hold a conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This was a first lecture tour of its kind for the Institute. Academics from South America, the USA and from PARI presented their research for discussions to rethink democratisation in Africa and Latin America. This was the beginning of a year of networking outside of southern Africa and particularly in the global South.

Further activities towards international recognition are mentioned here and described in more detail in later sections.

‘The more we put ourselves into global comparative
frames, the more we realise that we can learn from the
mistakes of others who have experienced the same kinds
of architecture of state and politics that we have in recent
times,’ says Dr Buthelezi.