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The Year In Review

The Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI) is in a new phase and it is stronger than ever before to carry out its mandate of shaping change through its research and advocacy work. We have gone through a tumultuous time since 2018, then the Covid-19 pandemic which tested our resilience. Thankfully, we are still here, standing on a much stronger foundation and we are creating an organisation that will serve us all — especially now where most South African citizens are despondent about the affairs of the country.

Now we have ushered in PARI 3.0, which is all about positioning ourselves as a focused academic research institute; and we are working to collaborate with like-minded institutions on a global scale. In addition, we have consolidated internally how we work and how we achieve impact. We are especially excited about our programmes which continue to grow exponentially in their respective research areas. It’s been exciting to watch how, for example, our Energy Transition work has become quite influential in the just energy transition space in South Africa. Every programme has been delivering consistently high-quality
research reports, which are having an impact and an influence in the world around us. There’s also been growth in our overall outputs and this is a long term strategy that is beginning to deliver very good results.