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Archives and Democracy: Testing the Archive


The anticipated activities under the extended project title “Archives & Democracy: Testing the Archive: A Guide” are a result of discussions held between the collaborating entities – the Wits History Workshop, the Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI), the South African History Archive (SAHA) and the Historical Papers Research Archive at Wits University – all of whom were also the organisers of the Colloquium “Archives and Democracy: Colloquium of Civil Society”, which took place on the 24 August 2017 at Wits University.

Subsequently, the possibility of compiling a web-based Guide was suggested as a meaningful and feasible outcome, combined with a launch event in the first half of 2019, both of which provide for the continuing engagement with archives in general, and the apartheid-era archive in particular.

In March 2019, PARI will participate in a half-day workshop to finalise the guide, which will be launched as a .pdf document later this year.