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The Helen Suzman Foundation’s recent report on independence and accountability in the criminal justice system included a contribution from Florencia Belvedere, who leads PARI’s #AfterCapture state reform campaign.


There are two issues that I would like to bring into the discussion:

1) The power lies with the President to appoint not only the heads of these institutions, but also the lower tier – the second layer. If we look at the NPA, the NDPP is appointed by the President, but if we look at the Directors and Special Directors, they too are appointed by the President. The Minister of Justice appoints the Deputy Directors. There is a provision that requires that the President and Minister make these appointments ‘after consultation’ with the NDPP.  We know that this requirement does not necessarily mean that they will take into consideration the recommendations of the NDPP after such consultations. I would argue that a large part of that decision vests in either the President or Minister. Yet it is the NDPP who has to work with these appointees. So should the NDPPnot be making these appointments?

2) The issue of the budget of the NPA – the fact that it is mediated by the Department of Justice. Again we have a crossing of the lines between the political and the professional.

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