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Senior Researcher Gaynor Paradza leads PARI’s Land Governance programme. She is in Accra on 17 August to give a keynote address at the Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa (MIASA) at the University of Ghana. The conference is titled Land Governance and Conflicts in West Africa.

“Some questions are pertinent. In view of the twining of social strategies over land, these questions include asking about who governs and who is governed; who mediates conflicts and who decides on which mediator; by whose regime should land governance be maintained, among others. The specific aim of this conference is to understand and forecast:

  1. how land governance in West Africa produce, minimizes, or transforms conflicts over land;
  2. how land litigations in Francophone and Anglophones countries can be minimized; and
  3. how sustainable could land governance be in West Africa. “

For more information, visit the conference webpage.