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Executive Director, Johannesburg
The Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI)

The Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI) is a Johannesburg-based organisation that studies the effectiveness of state institutions in the discharge of their mandates. PARI is affiliated to Wits University and to the University of Cape Town and is a leading research institute thinking about the state in South Africa and the global South. Using a variety of social science research methodologies, it works inside state organisations to understand where power lies in these organisations and how it is exercised, in order to develop recommendations for improved governance, accountability and organisational performance. It works with change agents in state institutions and with civil society partners to advocate for an improved state.

Job purpose: PARI is looking for a dynamic Executive Director to lead the organisation in a manner that supports its mission and objectives. The Executive Director will be expected to drive and lead the intellectual mission of PARI.

​The Executive Director will plan, lead, co-ordinate, fund-raise for and control the activities of PARI. He/she will develop and support its intellectual vision and research activities, provide strategic leadership, facilitate business development for organisational sustainability, fundraise, drive strategies to optimise key client and stakeholder relationships within the public sector, private sector, academic sector and community and ensure accountability for programme implementation.

The incumbent should have:

  • A Doctorate in a relevant field in the Humanities/Social Sciences/Development Studies
  • 8-10 years’ experience of doing research (proven research record)
  • 8 – 10 years working in the social justice /NGO sector
  • A strong publication record that includes peer-reviewed publications

In addition, the incumbent should:

  • Have demonstrated experience in leadership and management principles as they relate to non-profit organisations
  • Have demonstrated success at fundraising
  • Understand the balance between social justice and academic work
  • Understand the socio-political environment and current challenges and opportunities relating to the mission of the organisation
  • Have working knowledge of human resources management and financial management
  • Have excellent and effective oral and written communication skills
  • Have a participatory management style but be able to be decisive when necessary

Other requirements:

  • Ability and willingness to travel both locally and internationally as required
  • Fluency in spoken and written English
  • Work beyond official working times
  • Driver’s license is essential
Please send your CV, letter of motivation and complete the AA bio summary form in MS word format to:
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