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Waseem Holland has joined PARI as an intern for four months, and is currently engaged in a research project around state capture.

From 2011, Waseem Holland worked with the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA), being retained on a number of programmes and projects ranging from capacity building programmes for political parties and holders of public office, observing elections and conducting research into issues relating to elections and political parties.

He is currently a fellow in the Auwal Socio-economic Research Institute’s (ASRI) Future Leaders programme 2017. The programme identifies 30 graduates under 30 years old who have shown leadership qualities and a commitment to social justice, for a wide-ranging and intensive training-programme, offering life and social skills training and other skills development such as proposal writing, project management, practical public policy interventions and introductory courses on philosophy, political economy and governance.

The programme offers fellows the opportunity to do a four month work experience stint at an organisation of their choosing. Waseem chose to work at PARI because he aims to further develop his research abilities and believes PARI would be the perfect place because of its already stellar reputation of excellence and it being the kind of environment that encourages intellectual growth. Waseem holds a Master of Arts degree in Political Studies from Wits University. He will be based at PARI until the end of November 2017.