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Having undergone a consultative process with a small mandated and coordinating group of former DGs, PARI’s State Reform has assisted this group in conducting comparative research on the best organisational vehicle to adopt, the preparation of the founding documents for the establishment of a voluntary association, as well as preparations and logistical support for the launch event as a voluntary association.

Association of Former Directors General To Support Formation of Capable Developmental State

Former Directors General of government have formed an association to support the building of a capable development state amidst the crisis of corruption and lack of capacity which impact delivery rate.

The Association of Former DGs was successfully launched on Tuesday 28 September 2021 from 15H00 to 17H00. (Scroll down to watch the recording)

Former Directors-General (DGs) have been engaged in various initiatives to build a capable developmental state. Support provided over the last two years has been primarily made on individual and ad hoc bases to various government processes.

In recognising challenges and crises facing the state, a group of 27 former DGs came together in 2016, to express their concern about this situation. They committed to offer support to get the country back on a development path in line with the vision of the South Africa we want. Consequently, communication was sent to the then President outlining concerns and offering to play a role in efforts to return ethics, professionalism, and capacity to the public sector.

In the context of more recent developments, including the establishment and work of the Judicial Commission of Enquiry into Allegations of State Capture, Corruption and Fraud in the Public Sector, the group of former DGs grew to approximately 40 individuals. The former DGs appreciate the need for more active and constructive support for public administration and public service reform. This also means there is a need to adopt a more formal organisational approach which will ensure proper and structured engagement with the state.

The establishment of a formalised group, in the form of a voluntary association of former DGs as a start, would also enable adherence to principles of accountability and transparency, and a more structured relationship with the state.

The Association of Former DGs brings together former DGs who adhere to values of integrity, honesty and transparency. Based on their skills, competencies, and experience, they must be committed to contribute to professionalisation of the public service, broader public sector reform and building the capabilities of a developmental state.