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Dr Sifiso Ndlovu


Dr Sifiso Ndlovu

Sifiso Ndlovu’s PhD project broadly looked at the production of Ndebele identity in democratic South Africa, with particular reference to its articulation with the process of nation-building in the culturally heterogeneous KwaMhlanga region. She holds a Master of Arts in Political Studies, a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Political Studies and a BA in Political Studies and Sociology-all from the University of the Witwatersrand. She has also done research on the concept of a developmental state and its prominence in the African National Congress’s (ANC) discourse in South Africa and the significance of state capacity in proposals to build a South African developmental state. Her research interests also include African political history/ African politics; politics of belonging – inclusion and exclusion; identity construction; (Current) discourses on decolonization, post-colonial theory and decoloniality; state in Africa, state capacity and developmental state. She is a budding academic who has received academic awards and scholarships like the Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa Fellowship doctoral fellowship, University of the Witwatersrand’s Council Postgraduate Merit Scholarship, National Research Foundation bursary and Postgraduate Merit Award Doctoral Scholarship.


Sifiso Ndlovu (2015) ‘State fragility as state incapacity: The case of post-apartheid South Africa’ in Paulos Chanie and Dele Olowu (eds) State Fragility in Eastern and Southern Africa: Drivers, nature, extent and capacity building efforts. New York, NY: Springer.