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The Public Affairs Research Institute is launching a workshop series to offer scholars, researchers, and postgraduate students an opportunity to share their ongoing work, either by discussing work in progress or presenting upcoming and new publications.

In the PARI workshop series we wish to discuss theoretical and empirical research that unpacks ways to understand organisations and institutions of government and governance and that adopts a multidisciplinary approach to the study of the state and civil society.

We especially welcome research on topics which explore these themes through a sectoral focus on land, local government and governance, the energy sector, “corruption” and “anti-corruption” politics – that is, topics forming part of existing research programmes at PARI (though contributions need not focus on these sectors if they are broadly within the theme of the workshop series).

The aim of this workshop series is to provide a collaborative space and an academic dialogue with scholars from anywhere in the world who are interested in exploring questions of government and governance. More details on PARI`s work can be found at this link: Home » PARI | Public Affairs Research Institute

Please submit your proposal using this Google form:

Deadline for submission: June 15th 2022.

Accepted abstracts will be notified by July 4th 2022.

The series will start in August/September 2022 and the seminars will take a hybrid format to accommodate presenters and participants not based in Johannesburg. We envisage a 20-minute presentation, followed by a discussant and then an open conversation. We will ask presenters to circulate a draft one week prior to the presentation.