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The Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI) is excited to announce its affiliation with the University of Johannesburg (UJ) to ground its academic programme. PARI and UJ have entered into a 3-year agreement during which the two organisations will embark on joint initiatives to raise funding for various projects that enhance the synergies between the research objectives of PARI and ongoing work at UJ. This affiliation is primarily with the Faculty of Humanities at UJ.

As part of this affiliation, PARI and UJ have agreed to:

  1. Collaborate to explore overlapping interests in continuing education and postgraduate programmes;
  2. Jointly raise funding for any collaborative activities
  3. Co-develop short learning and postgraduate programmes in areas of common interest; and
  4. Co-supervise postgraduate students in areas of common interest.

The affiliation to UJ fulfils PARI’s objective of grounding its research in academic theory as well as enriching academic studies on the state with practical experience of continuously engaging with state actors.

In this regard, PARI researchers have been appointed as UJ Research Associates. As UJ Research Associates, PARI researchers will publish scholarly works, and collaborate with UJ academics to drive research projects, develop short courses, teach, mentor and supervise students.

We believe this is a mutually beneficial agreement and are keen to grow this collaboration to other parts of the university based on the work PARI is undertaking. In turn, UJ students studying public institutions will benefit greatly from this partnership. The ultimate beneficiary is of course the public sector that is capable of meeting its mandate to better serve communities.