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PARI’s Co-Director Lindiwe Ndlela talks about coalition politics on this Sunday Times podcast:

“The latest local authority elections have been hailed as an indicator of the rapidly waning influence of the ANC. But they also gave us a foretaste of what life might be like under a national coalition government. To date, that foretaste has at times been sweet, and at other times rancid and desperately wanting.

This week on the Sunday Times Politics Weekly, we look at the phenomenon of coalitions and how they might affect our lives in future. Are they a progressive step towards accountability, or an unmitigated disaster?

Our host, Mike Siluma, is joined by the director of programmes at the Auwal Socio Economic Research Institute, Ebrahim Fakir; head of programmes at the Public Affairs Research Institute Lindiwe Ndlela; and  associate professor at the School of Governance at Wits University, William Gumede.”