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At our conference last year – Defeating State Capture and Reforming the State – in collaboration with Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, an outcome was that Public Procurement is a key area for state reform. Our position paper on Public Procurement was presented in a draft form, PARI has done a round of consultations and is now releasing the position paper online.

This launch also comes in time with the publication of the Public Procurement Bill. You can download the Bill HERE, as well as the gazette with details for making comments HERE. The deadline for comments has been extended until the end of June 2020.

This position paper is one of a series of three papers that argue for crucial reforms of the South African state. The goal of these reforms is to realise a rigorous reduction in corruption and in the influence of patronage in South African politics while improving the political responsiveness, efficiency, and developmental effectiveness of its public administration. This paper deals with reforms to the public procurement system in South Africa.

This paper may be read in conjunction with:

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Klaaren, J. and R. Brunette (2020) ‘The Public Procurement Bill Needs Better Enforcement: A suggested provision to empower and incentivise whistleblowers’. African Public Procurement Law Journal, 7(1): xxx

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The Contract State: Outsourcing and Decentralisation in Contemporary South Africa (2014)

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Watermeyer, R. and S. Phillips (2020) ‘Public infrastructure delivery and construction sector dynamism in the South African economy’. An NPC Economy Series Paper.

Anthony, A.M. (2020) ‘South African Infrastructure Procurement Under the New Public Procurement Bill’. African Public Procurement Law Journal, 7(1): 25–33.


Geo Quinot is a Professor at Stellenbosch University, Department of Public Law and Director of the African Procurement Law Unit.

Karam Singh is the Head of Legal Investigations at Corruption Watch.

Khaya Sithole is a political analyst and commentator, accountant and academic.

Niall Reddy is a doctoral student in Sociology at New York University.