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Request for Expression of Interest



Closing date for applications: 23 MAY 2022

The Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI) is seeking to appoint A CHANGE MANAGEMENT EXPERT (CME) either as a company or an individual.

The role of the CME is to institute change management for a programme entitled: Local Government Planning and Public Participation.  The programme seeks to enhance accountability in South Africa by supporting public participation and planning in local government. The programme is sponsored by the European Union and partnered with PARI as the lead agency, SALGA and Integrity Action .

PARI is a not-for profit organisation affiliated to the University of the Witwatersrand. We do research into the state, state-society relations and the constraints to effective governance, advocating for better policy implementation to benefit those who need the state the most.


Key tasks and responsibilities

Change Management / Behavioural Science Expert is responsible for:

  • Developing a change management strategic plan. The plan will assist South African municipalities to readapt their respective approaches to public participation processes, where residents in turn readapt their communications with the respective municipality.
  • Developing a change management implementation plan to produce, in depth, the outputs of the strategic approaches stated above.
  • The successful execution of projects related to behavioural analysis, behavioural intervention design and monitoring, including optimisation and sustainability.
  • Identifying critical areas of change, thereby designing, guiding, directing and ensuring that efficient and effective change management systems are in place during the implementation of the programme in coordination with and across the implementing partners i.e., PARI, SALGA and Integrity Action.
  • Supporting the Programme Lead in coordinating the key deliverables of the implementing partners (PARI, SALGA and Integrity Action) through effective change management processes.
  • Participating in project planning and project progress meetings and develop project change management plans in consultation with the Programme Lead and relevant partners.
  • Ensuring effective communication between team members in PARI, its project partners, and external beneficiaries of the programme including national, provincial and local governments, civil society and institutions of interest.
  • Supporting and coaching the programme team (PARI, SALGA, Integrity Action) on stakeholder communication and management of change impacts to ensure the overall objective of the programme’s change management is achieved.
  • Attending workshops and public events, where necessary.
  • Providing support to the Project Lead on appropriate narrative for reporting to the donor.
  • Assessing potential problems and technical hitches during the implementation phase and propose solutions.
  • Supporting the monitoring and evaluation of the programme through appropriate data collection, in consultation with the Programme Lead and Research Coordinator.
  • Participating in opportunities to develop skills in and knowledge of research methods.

Applicants should have:

  • A Master’s degree in industrial psychology or similar in relation to Behavioural Science.
  • A proven track record of at least 7 years’ experience in change management.
  • Experiences in the civil society and government sectors on change management and generally.
  • Experience in working with multi-stakeholder projects.
  • Familiarity / experience with reporting procedures to donors/clients/stakeholders to ensure compliance with internal governance and controls and external reporting requirements.
  • Senior experience in the civil society or research sector, and strong familiarity with the donor environment in South Africa.
  • Ability to conceptualise and produce change management strategic and implementation plans.
  • Ability to institute and provide directive with respect to change management.
  • Ability to analyse data.
  • Ability to support stakeholder management through appropriate communication with donors and partners.
  • Excellent writing and analytical skills.
  • Good communication, interpersonal and listening skills.
  • Ability to work in a multi-disciplinary context.
  • Ability to use information and communication technology as an appropriate tool for project administration and coordination.
  • Strong MS-Office computer skills including data capture.
  • Ability and will to drive and has a driver’s license. Applicants should be willing to travel locally where required.

The successful candidate should be able to provide proof of having been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter motivating their suitability for the job and an approximately 4-page company profile and / or CV to The CV should include basic biographic details, educational qualifications, employment history, skills set and sector experience, and 3 references with contact details and a note outlining the relationship of the referee to the applicant (e.g., previous employer, or client). At least one of these references should be able to vouch for work the applicant has undertaken in the last two years. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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