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Dr Federica Duca presented at a conference at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London, titled Breaking down the nation-state: retreat and belonging in upper class gated communities in Johannesburg. The presentation was on the panel “Juxtaposition, Conflict and Segregation in Cities” on 12 November, as part of an intensive three-day programme.

“Urban societies are undergoing immense changes; how are urban concepts and practices responding? Over the next three days of cutting-edge scholarship and dialogue, this conference seeks to stimulate new conceptualisations of the urban resonant with distinctive urban experiences across the globe. Our starting points are: how land, investment, finance, law and the state are reshaping urban spaces; or how processes of reproducing everyday life, identity politics, popular mobilization and contestation are remaking urban experiences; or how challenges of urbanisation, such as climate change, data, health, housing and poverty are redefining urban futures.”