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The Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI) joins the international call for an end to the indiscriminate and unprecedented bombardment of Gaza — a permanent ceasefire, return of all hostages and safe passage for the people of Gaza to return to their homes, along with continued humanitarian aid and solutions for lasting peace in the region.

We condemn the inhumane denial of water, food, power, fuel and medicine to the Palestinian people; the destruction of hospitals and public infrastructure; and the killing of humanitarian aid workers.

We condemn the brutal attacks by Hamas on Israeli civilians on 7 October in the strongest terms. At the same time, PARI believes that Israel’s disproportionate retaliation in the Gaza Strip opposes any viable solution to the enduring conflict and denies any possibility of liberation for the Palestinian people.

We acknowledge the longstanding unjust treatment of Palestinians and the apartheid conditions under which they are forced to live. Our work and research deals with the legacy of an apartheid state and as such, is committed to supporting struggles for land, freedom of movement, justice and human rights. Therefore, PARI stands in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle.