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PARI and the Joint Strategic Resource (JSR) in NEDLAC have put forward a second round of respective submissions to the Standing Committee on Finance in the National Assembly, on the new Public Procurement Bill.

The Bill attempts to address the massive inefficiency and corruption in South Africa’s public procurement system. As PARI Associate Ryan Brunette writes, “Because it handles a fifth of GDP and plays a central role in redressing inequality, this crisis is central to our political, public administrative and economic problems.”

But the new Bill is seriously flawed. It doesn’t comply with the Constitutional requirements of a national legislative framework and currently “gives wide discretion to procuring institutions and opens the way to confuse and abuse,” says Brunette.

PARI is a participant in the JSR and the Special Interest Group on Public Procurement Law. We are also a member of the Procurement Reform Working Group (PRWG), a civil society collective. Members of the PRWG have jointly issued a statement on the Bill: HERE

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