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The Nelson Mandela Foundation has just announced the 2019 cohort of Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity.  They will be hosting a public dialogue on 22 June in Houghton that is open to all.

Two years since the end of the majority of student protests in South Africa, a number of books, articles and documentaries have taken the stage. Broad meta-narratives are firmly gaining traction and, arguably, the space for contestation has divided into a binary. This moment is not dissimilar to other movements and, in an increasingly polarised world, how we tell stories of movements can be as important as the movement itself.

To tease out some of these questions and to engage with deeper questions of the narratives that accompany movements, Nelson Mandela Foundation, the Hanns Seidel Foundation & Jacana Media invite you to a panel discussion entitled ‘Narratives of Change: Reflecting on movements in South Africa where two books, ‘We Are No Longer at Ease’ and ‘Rebels & Rage: Reflecting on #FeesMustFall’ will be discussed.

PARI is a South African partner to the Nelson Mandela Foundation and a curriculum advisor for the Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity.