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In December 2020, an international group of think tanks working for the energy transition in major and emerging economies around the world came together to create the International Network of Energy Transition Think Tanks (INETTT). The INETTT founding members are from Europe (Germany and Poland), East Asia (Japan and the Republic of Korea), South-East Asia (Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Turkey, Thailand, and Vietnam), Africa (South Africa), and the Americas (Mexico and Brazil).

As think tanks, our role in the policy process is to help prepare the path for robust decision making and policy implementation. INETTT’s members undertake to do research and to prepare policy “homework” in a proactive and strategic way that does not wait for policy-makers or industry decision-makers to be ready to seek solutions. Rather, we generate breakthrough analysis and major policy proposals and use these to accelerate debate into action.

This publication presents an overview from INETTT concerning the status of climate and energy policy in each country where we work, set against the backdrop of the country’s current Nationally Defined Contribution (NDC) pledges under the Paris Agreement and the latest electricity and emissions data. Not all the countries with INETTT members have official scenarios for net-zero emissions, and not all have fully mapped the potential of renewable energy and energy efficiency.