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Achieving coherence in land governance remains a challenge in South Africa. Attempts to  reconcile diverse claims involve trade-offs and compromises. South Africa finds itself locked in these policy processes to mobilise and consolidate the diverse stakeholders in land governance. Join PARI’s webinar titled Towards coherent land policy-making in South Africa: Insights and Lessons on Wedensday, 16 September at 2pm.  Dr Gaynor Paradza will facilitate the discussion around these questions:

  • How do diverse stakeholders go about prioritising and deciding on the hierarchies in land policy-making. How do stakeholders define issues, and arrive at a consensus on priorities?
  • How do you address power asymmetry to ensure inclusiveness in the process?
  • What are the state capacities needed to ensure an inclusive and valid land policy-making processes?


Siyabu Manona Land reform and policy expert with extensive experience in land governance issues in South Africa
Professor Mandivamba Rukuni of Barefoot Education Trust for Africa (BEAT) with extensive experience in facilitating land policy–making in sub-Saharan Africa
Dr Margaret A. Rugadya an independent land governance practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in public policy drafting, land tenure, resource governance and scholarship.

Moderator: Dr Gaynor Paradza Senior Researcher, PARI

Wednesday, 16 September @ 2pm

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