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Towards Coherent Land Policy-Making in SA: insights and Lessons was the first webinar held by PARI’s Land Governance Programme.

The webinar, on 16 September 2020, featured dynamic inputs from land policy experts from Zimbabwe, Uganda and South Africa and stirred up an exciting engagement around South Africa’s prospects for dealing with its land policies.

The panel was:

Prof Mandivamba Rukuni, Barefoot Education Trust (Zimbabwe); Dr Margaret A. Rugadya, Independent land governance practitioner (Uganda); Siyabu Manona, Land reform and policy expert (South Africa); ; and Dr Gaynor Paradza, Head of the Land Programme at PARI as moderator.

The following questions were unanswered in the webinar, due to running out of time. Replies from the panel will be posted here.

  1. My concern is Urban Land Management and Governance from the context of Local government in South Africa. Land transformation in my understanding has to do with aligning the past ownership discrepancies. However, local government is unable to release and transfer land to the needy without having them to pay a price. As a result many of them are left out of the process.
  2. Why not consolidate the land legislations into one solid legislation and why are old claims not finalised. Is it a capacity or budget issue?
  3. How would land records “cohere” into data? I am trying to understand records as a land admin issue and not only a tenure issue.
  4. How does the CSO engage the govt in these issues? What are the strategies that work(ed) in Uganda?
  5. What are the things  that the RSA government needs to do to get traction and coherence and sustainability in land governance?