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PARI’s Devi Pillay participated in this Open Secrets webinar on 16 February 2023:

Who pays the price for State Capture?

Look around and we see a strained fiscus, rolling blackouts, austerity and hollowed out institutions. The effects of state capture are immense and weigh heavily on South Africans. State capture has left very few aspects of public life untouched- from public rail, to education, the health sector, defence industry, freight rail, law enforcement and our state revenue services. The social damage caused by State Capture should give urgency to our demand for accountability. We must do more to hold the powerful to account for the damage they have done. How do we go about achieving a just society when we have not fully grappled with the systemic and endemic effects of capture?

Open Secrets’ Zen Mathe holds a webinar conversation with Moira Campbell (Corruption Watch), Devi Pillay (Public Affairs Research Institute-PARI) and Luthando Vilakazi (Open Secrets) who help grapple with how we can address the social costs of state capture and seek restitution for the damage caused.