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Gated Communities & Townhouse Complexes

Workshop and Exhibition


In collaboration with IFAS (French Institute of South Africa) and LAVUE (Université Paris, Nanterre), PARI co-hosts a workshop on 14 November 2018 at the Origins Centre, Wits from 13h00 to 18h00. The event is accompanied by a photographic exhibition that runs until 15 December 2018. The workshop and exhibition are coordinated by PARI researcher, Dr. Federica Duca.

The circulation of the urban model referred to as gated communities contributes to a challenge to the understanding of the contemporary urban spaces all over the world. The multiplication at big scale of low cost housing, middle class townhouse complexes and luxurious gated estates (all representing different forms of gated communities) dominates the South African urban and peri-urban landscape and it is associated to the reproduction of apartheid geography with its forms of spatial segregation. The aim of this project is that of articulating and problematizing this view in a half day seminar with scholars who research this topic and with an exhibition by South African and international photographers:-

  • Nocebo Bucibo
  • Lisa King
  • Melissa Bennet
  • Mack Magagane
  • Michelle Monareng
  • Shogan Naidoo
  • Musa Nxumalo
  • Natalie Payne
  • Paul Samuels
  • Bianca van Heerden
  • Alexia Webster
  • Marie Thomas-Meilhan