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Covid-19, States and Societies is a new series which presents texts from around the globe, detailing relationships between states and societies: how they have unfolded since the beginning of the pandemic and throughout the varied experiences of lockdown in different countries.

We are reading these papers from South Africa, to put our country’s response in comparative perspective with what is happening in other parts of the world.

To put South Africa’s trajectory alongside those of other countries,  we have gathered and are publishing papers that represent a geographic spread and a cross-section of approaches by states.

The contributions that we publish are written at a specific time and they reflect that particular moment in the life and the evolution of the pandemic in the contexts described.

The pandemic takes different shapes at different times and we are interested in receiving additional contributions that look at how state-society relations have unfolded over time in the different countries, after hard lockdowns and facing second waves or resurgences of the virus.

We invite contributions (brief papers of 1500-2500 words). They should be written in an accessible style for a popular audience to be published on a website and, potentially, in book form at a later stage . See the Call for Papers.

For further information or to email your submission, please contact :

The coordinators of this project are: Mbongiseni Buthelezi, Tracy Ledger, Federica Duca and Vishanthi Arumugam

Download the call for papers